Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hypocracy anyone?

Now, I start off my comments by asking anyone if they remember Sen. John Kerry* and the famous "I voted for it before I voted against it"? Well it seems we have another case of his. Another case of the left playing politics with American lives. Today, Mr. Hillary Clinton took out against the Bush administration and Rumsfeld for there not being enough troops in Iraq. Ok, I conceed the point that we have executed poorly. However, the blame lies all around and lies very heavily on the other side of the aisle. That being said, let us examine this "not enough troops" claim. Repeatedly we are told by the elustrious former President (now Senator) Clinton, that we are putting too many Americans in harms way, that we should withdraw, that we need fewer troops. Now, the claim is that we need more troops, that we have too few? Which is it? Is it whatever is necesary to be elected? It seems so. Pick a side Hillary- what do you want? More troops or less? Stop playing games with our soldiers lives so you can posture yourself politically.

Now, as for the comments made by a General in hearings today- yes, the insurgency is getting EXACTLY what it wants- a divided American public. How has this happened? From the time the conflict started there has been nothing but a steady stream of talk of this becoming another VietNam, of there being civil war. Maybe I am wrong, but this is the case (AGAIN) of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want something bad enough and predict it will happen... it happens. If a girl wants drama, she gets drama. If the left wants a VietNam, all they have to do is drag their feet in Congress and fill the news with nothing but horror stories, and their wish is granted. By even listening to anything they have to say, they have already won (the insurgency that is). They do not need victories, they need stalemates and American casualties. If all reports say there will be a civil war- I guarantee there will be one. Not because it is naturally bound to happen, but because the thought has been placed there and therefore it is given credibility. The less we give credibility to radical islam and to the insurgency, the greater are our chances of winning. I firmly do not believe the vast majority of reports about incidences involving American troops over there. We, as a country have this tremendous feeling of western and white guilt, and these reports play exactly to that. Has anyone ever stopped to think this is merely rhetoric and political posturing by the insurgents? These are the exact things that are done to our prisoners; this is a culture that condones "honor rape" as punishment for women; this is a culture that condones the stoning of homosexuals. Every single thing that is reported as a so-called American atrocity is something that is accepted by these people as part of war and part of their culture. YET, it is something that deeply offends our Western sensibilities. Furthermore, it is very true that exaggeration is a part of Muslim culture. 100 men could easily mean 10 or fewer. For example, the bombing in Beruit that hit what was said by Hezbollah to be a hospital. Originally over 60 people were killed. Now, when all the infomation comes out, it is less than 30. It was a location where rockets were being fired from, pictures of "casualties" were timestamped before the bombing took place, the pictures feature almost always the same dead child's body, and even CNN has had reports say that many of the pictures by Hezbollah were clearly staged. Now, this being said, does anyone think that these so-called acts "perpetuated" by US soldiers are not JUST propaganda? It is more than clear that these reports are nothing more than propaganda used by the militants and insurgents. And because we, as a nation, are filled with this White and Western guilt, we are more than willing to believe them. These are people who are more than willing to strap bombs to their chests.. what makes anyone think they are not willing to kill their own civilians to set up the US and win a propaganda war? I do. I think that is exactly what is going on. Unfortunately, this is a propaganda war, and unfortunately, it is one we will not win. We will not win the propaganda war unless we realize what is going on, take some pride in ourselves as a nation, shed this pathetic western guilt we have, resolve to the task at hand, and stop allowing these terrorist thugs to gain credibility. It is disgusting that we are more willing to believe those who want to stop us before we believe our own troops.

*"I have the hat"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A first step

Join me my friends as we take this journey together. Now, a word or two of warning. This is not designed to be, as liberal folk put it in their PC terms, tolerant. This is my take on a given situation. I endeavour to point out humourous happenings, interesting angles, and if nothing else, my opinion. Just letting everyone know, I do not mince words or hold back. If there is someting that bothers me or in general ticks me off, I shall talk about it. Most things are fair game. Although, most postings will discuss sports, politics, or economics. Finally, for all the grammar nuts, I do not spell check or punctuation check myself. The only checking done of the main points I wish to advance.